Empowerment Programs

Lotus with leaflogo darkerIn a session I pass through layers of stuff so smoothly with the breath that the feelings don’t last. I actually feel the integration is taking place and I pass through to a new layer very quickly. I do not get caught up in it, as I used to. I have found Breathwork to be very deep and very powerful. I was really ready to explore the depths of me! I knew if I hadn’t explored me and had a profound sense of discovery then what could I then offer to others?

With each session I feel the depths of each experience integrating. I feel different not only on a bodily level but a mind level. I notice I am handling things differently. Situations arise where in the past I would have behaved quite differently. I have developed an open heart-space now. I am bringing more presence and awareness into my natural state of being. I’m very mindful now of not falling back into victim mode and are much more aware of my thoughts and feelings. (A. Yaxley, Peregian)

This process has really shown me how to let go, increasing my acceptance of my staff and enabling me to be more loving and giving of myself. I have an increased sense of peace, awareness and more energy at work.

My sessions have opened more doors for me than I could have thought and given me deeper insight and awareness of my inner being. I feel emotionally balanced and connected. A definite increase in happiness and freedom has occurred. (Dean, Chiropractor)

The service Equinimity offers is amazing. Thankyou so much. My life has been changed. This is such a service to offer and I feel so blessed. (Natasha)

Equinimity provides me with the time and space to go over things and see what I need to learn about myself. Ahha moments. I really enjoy the wisdom and insight I gain and feel it to be a very safe space.

You have helped me immensely. You give so much and I deeply appreciate it. You have held a space fore me that is absolutely invaluable. Thankyou so much – from my heart. (M. Lake)

I came to Equinimity with chronic anxiety, fear, moodiness, frustration, depression and numbness. I was over-thinking and needed a life direction and assistance with relationship skills. I had a desire to know my self and was seeking depth and connection.

After my breath sessions with Equinimity I noticed an increase in body awareness and increased energy flow. I developed the ability to let go and had an increase in acceptance of my stuff. I became more loving and giving of myself and gained a sense of peace at home and at work.

I am now more emotionally balanced. I have a greater spiritual connection finding I am less head centred and more free. I enjoy more fun and happiness in my life. Breathwork has opened doors for me and given me deeper insight and awareness into my inner being! (D.S, Chiropractor and Father)

I’ve experienced support and belief in myself from my sessions with Equinimity. From the sessions I have gained a relief from fear and anxiety with a return to my calm, reassured confident self.

Ever week its like unpeeling an onion that is ready to let go. The balance of theory and practise is perfect. These sessions are the best thing I have ever done for myself. I have regained my faith and confidence and forgiveness.

I now have an understanding of me and a confidence to listen to my inner voice. Physically I feel freer, emotionally calmer, and spiritually I am reconnecting confidently. I am excited!

I highly recommend the program to everyone. Having Zoe, supporting and encouraging me, helping me believe in myself, is fantastic. (V.H, Receptionist and Mother)

I feel calm, at peace. My self awareness is heightened. I am much more balanced in myself and can express and understand the highs and lows when they come.

Physically, my pain has lessened from being severe and unbearable to where I can watch and understand it instead of fight it.

I have told lots of people. It’s the best “me” time I can get!. I have learnt so much about my journey. I believe everyone deserves this for themselves. I move forward calmer, at peace and confident in who I am. This process really gets to the “inner me” and resolves issues, experiences and emotions that I have carried.

I am amazed by Zoe and thank her totally. (Valerie S, Life Coach)

Just want to let you know how grateful I am. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou. I’ve had so many “Wow Aha” moments. I can see connections everywhere in my life and body. Oh my its amazing and you’re just fabulous. Thanks heaps, You’re just wonderful. (Vic)

Body Therapieswater

Some of the things people have said about their experiences…

Zoe has a huge talent for reading just what my body needs. Her special blend of techniques coupled with her intuitive sensitivities make for what I believe to be the BEST experience around. I love the nurturing, well-rounded and hugely beneficial treat for my body and soul. I feel blessed and blissful every time I have the Equinimity experience. (Karen, Cootharaba)

Really relaxing – I love the feeling that Zoe cares about the wellbeing of my body, takes comments seriously but also reads my body during her treatments. (Debbie, Bowen Therapist)

Zoe is a master of her craft, she is truly gifted. (Dr Andrew, Noosa)

Fantastic. Out of this world! (Judy, Pomona)

I’ve had a really bad lower back ache for quite some time now – years in fact. After just 1 treatment it was completely removed. Fantastic! (Maggie, Cooran)

“An amazing experience”. After feeling tired and quite unwell for over 6 months, and trying numerous healing techniques with little result, Zoe’s healing power has blown me away. Friends, collegues and relatives are so impressed with my visual, spiritual and general wellness, they have followed and become some of Zoe’s new clients. Thankyou Zoe for your strength and knowledge. (Dee, Real Estate, Traveston)

I had solid pain all the time and a lot of tension. My back was constantly aching and I couldn’t do a lot of ordinary things: vaccuming, hanging the washing etc. After just one treatment I could bend over and the constant ache had gone. On the second treatment I was much, much better, really loose and could notice a big difference. The biggest thing I have noticed is I feel so much more in tune with things, emotionally and physically. I was really inspired and can also recognise the signs of when I am off track now. As a mother it is so valuable to spend time on myself, for myself. I could have just gone to get a massage, but with Zoe I have found much more than that. More than relaxation, I have found maintenance. (Jacqui, Noosa)

I don’t know what she did, but it really worked! I have had chronic menstual pain for a long time, relying on heavy pain killers. But I really noticed the difference after just 2 treatments. I was able to cut right back, as the pain was so much better. What a relief. It really works! (R.P., Jeweller)

I noticed a big difference with my knee. I was hobbling around and sore, and after my treatment it felt a lot better. My headaches stopped also and I also felt a lot looser. (Gae, Cooroy).

I suffer from intense migraines. I came to Equinimity in a lot of pain, being light sensitive and nauseous. After my treatment I felt a lot better. The pain and nausea subsided and I didn’t need my medications for the light sensitivity. I now come regularly to prevent my migraines from re-curring. It has also helped with my stress and depressive moods, and I feel lighter, freer and happier. (Anne, Pomona).

I have had so many massages with my scoliosis, since childhood, but I have never really relaxed and went as deeply into a treatment as I have with Equinimity. Thankyou so much! (Kerry, Pomona).

The Essences

After a lifelong of addiction habits after taking the essences I was able to change things. I really noticed a difference. I have been able to break the habits that I have not previously been able to do and they have really helped me. I know my kids have really enjoyed the changes too. (Cindy, Noosa).

Its amazing. The essences really work. I don’t know why they work, but they really do. I would like to offer them for my patients. (Dr Andrew, Noosa)

I feel years younger! I just feel so good. (Anne, Retired)

Animal TherapiesNatural horse

Jackie from the SC Farrier Academy

We had a foal born premature. She was unable to stand for the first four weeks of her life. Every hour during the day and night my husband and I had to turn her and help her up to feed and then lie her back down again. We had Zoe out to work on her joints and her tight muscles – particularly the weakness in her hindquarters and hind legs. We noticed a real difference each time she came out. Her movement became freer and her strength increased. After her second treatment, she stood up on her own for the first time ever. We were wrapped! She is now getting herself up and down – and is able to grow up and be like a normal horse out in the paddock with her mother.

Katrina – Dog Bella

My dog Bella was attacked by a wild dog, berely surviving. She had stitches and drains all over her and a haematoma. She was petrified and would jump at anything, often breaking into episodes of shaking all over. She had some depression and was very clingy to me. After her first treatment with Zoe, I noticed she calmed down a lot and her shaking was less frequent.

On her second treatment, Bella greeted Zoe with enthusiasm and lay herself down for the whole treatment. On completion she licked Zoe, which she rarely does. The laser treatment helped with Bella’s wound healing and she is back on the road to recovery.

Warren – Horse Jack

We were given a horse that was extremely lame, as a companion horse. We got Zoe out soon after he arrived on our property because he looked so sore hobbling up the paddock. After clearly identifying the problem and him receiving two treatments his shoulder healed so much that his good shoulder suddenly was more noticeable than his bad one. After deep tissue massage and acupuncture, we are now looking at making him a riding horse.