Equine Acupuncture


horse logoAcupuncture has its roots in ancient Chinese medicine and dates back as far as 5000 years. It involves the placing of fine needles just Zoe horsebelow the surface of the skin on particular energy points on the body to

influence the vital organs and body functioning.

Acupuncture on horses can assist with a range of conditions:

  • Allergies and the common cold
  • Back and shoulder problems
  • Behavioural issues
  • Dermatological imbalances
  • Gastrointestinal disease
  • Infertility and hormonal fluctuation
  • Lameness & muscular-skeletal pain
  • Respiratory weakness
  • Restlessness & fatigue
  • Stress and emotional imbalances

Horse GroupThe use of warm needling and moxibustion (the burning of a Chinese therapeutic herb) can greatly assist in the warming of cold, stiff joints; ‘cold backed’ horses; tight muscles; circulation and digestive complaints.

A treatment may include the application of Chinese and Japanese Acupuncture techniques.

Laser Acupuncture, Osteopathic techniques and Meridian Frequency Therapy may also be used in addition to maximize the efficiency of a treatment.

Support your horse in being the best they can be: nourished, energized, relaxed, flexible and pain free.