Behaviour & Communication

Are you experiencing behavioural problems with your horse?

White horse gallopingHead tossing, shyness, phobias, difficult leading, bad handling manners, fear, anxiety, pushiness or arrogance?

Often it is the small interactions we have with our horse that make the difference between a harmonious, loving connection, or a connection that contains frustration, impatience and fear.

Is there something in your relationship with your horse that is concerning you and you are not quite sure what the problem is or how you can fix it?

If so a session with Equinimity will help you identify problem areas and give you tools to sort out your horses small or large behavioural habits.

Equinimity assists you in nurturing a relationship with your horse that is aware, loving, sensitive and fun, where your horse connects and responds to you in ways that are easy and trouble-free.

In just one or more sessions annoying habits disappear … as you experience the benefits of a great relationship.

Equinimity provides you with the assistance you need so that both you and your horse feel safe, comfortable and rewarded in the presence of each other.

A horse that is relaxed yet attentive, and a communication style that evokes respect and a willing attitude in your horse, are all things that can contribute greatly to the happiness of horse and owner.

Make the relationship you have with your horse a great one.