Acupressure & Shiatsu Massage

BlackfresianstallionShiatsu nurtures the horse’s whole body system, treating underlying deficiencies and tightness.

Both the psychological as well as physiological components are addressed in a full body treatment, leaving the horse completely nurtured from the inside out.

Shiatsu can be useful from a behavioural perspective and used to treat imbalances in temperament and the horse’s overall wellbeing and attitude. One may use shiatsu to help calm a horse that is highly strung or one that cannot relax, or to energise and invigorate a tired and resistant horse.

Shiatsu works on the digestive, muscular, circulatory, respiratory and reproductive symptoms of the body, and specific ailments and health conditions can be addressed and tailored especially to your horse.

Benefits of Shiatsu include: help with muscular skeletal problems, stiffness and lameness; activating the immune system; maximising suppleness & circulation and relaxing & energising your horse.

Additional benefits can include calming of the nervous system and an increase in fertility and digestive wellness.

Gain maximum health and performance from your horse today…