A Mermaid dives to the bottom of the Ocean to bring back treasures to the shore. With feminine beauty, she is half human and half sea and with her she brings the gifts of coolness, calmness, wisdom and grace ….

Each unique piece is crafted using soft, natural wool and hand felted with a touch of magic and love.

Felted mermaid on RockMay a Mermaid dance and frolik her way into your heart and home.

“Glistening with the light of the sun and the sparkle of the sea, the Mermaid sings her way into your heart, carrying pearls of ocean’s deep. She weathers the waves and outlasts the storms, knowing that in the still, calm waters lies depth and beauty. Her essence is filled with a joyful playfulness as she reminds us that wisdom comes with equilibrium”.

Felted MermaidMermaids can created in any colours of the rainbow.

Basic pricing:

Small (approx 15cm length.) = $50

Medium (approx 25cm length.) = $65

Large (approx 30cm length.) = $75

Felted Mermaid

Felted mermaid




Felted mermaid gift