Swimming, Galloping, Sleeping, Flying… All creatures great and small.

Each unique piece is crafted using soft, natural wool and hand felted with a touch of magic and love.

“A friend.. A totem… a Mythical Creature. An inspiration, a play mate, a wild free animal. Animals are my inspiration in so many ways. Glorious beings of this planet, I thank you for your presence, your offering, your beingness.”

Giraffe Felted ToyBe it fur, wing or fin. With one leg or eight. Dream up an animal and let it find its way into your heart….

 Select an Animal you would like to bless your home. If it is a personal family member or you know exactly what you want – please send a Photo.


Prices will vary dependant on size and detail. Please contact me to request a quote.











Ladybird Felted ToyDog Felted ToyFelted Toy Rainbow TurtleFelted Toy Mouse