Fibre Art

This is a hub of creative works and vibrant creative therapies.

Follow your hearts delight as you find a world of felt creations to enrich and engage you.

You will also discover in Zoe’s studio, a nest of handcrafted, home made wonders designed to bless your home and warm your hearts.

Felted Toadstool SculptureFelted Mermaid Each unique piece is crafted using soft, natural wool and hand felted with a touch of magic and love.

Made with literally hundreds of tiny needle motions, these artworks are formed as creations of timeless love. Each piece takes many hours to create.

Be guided by your wonder….

I am available for new commission works and am continually evolving my designs.

Anything you can dream up can be hand crafted for you on request.


Here are just a few examples of my work for you to view & purchase:

    Toadstools & MagicFairy Toadstool Felted Sculptures

    Mama & Bubba


    Animal Kingdom


    Felted Playmats

    Felted Backdrops

    Felted Art