According to well-known physics, if we look at all matter, on a microcosmic level, everything exists simply as ‘energy’ vibrating with its different frequencies and densities.

A great way to change your frequency is to spend time in a natural environment. Have you ever been for a walk in nature with the intention to soothe your soul or relax your body?

This is what the Australian Bush Flower Essences can do for you. At a time when plants are blooming, we see nature in her full radiance and highest vibration. These essences are prepared from native flowers found growing all around Australia in their natural environments. Once gently prepared, the healing properties of the flowers are used to assist people and animals in balancing their wellbeing and harmonising their physical, mental and emotional energies.

The essences work subtly and powerfully to help restore you to your full, vibrant potential, to nourish the energetic systems of your body and mind.

Lovingly collected and developed by naturopath and homeopath Ian White, a 5th generation Australian herbalist, the essences are prepared with extreme purity and have been extensively researched.

The Australian Bush Flower Essences are now available and widely used worldwide in the healing of plants, animals and people. Like the Bach Flower Remedies, they have a vast array of healing properties, and also contain the potent, hardy stamina of surviving the Australian climate, with all the benefits this brings.

If you are in a time of transition, seeking emotional or physical balancing, or wishing to bring out more of your potential, these essences are for you.


  • Boost abundance & creativity
  • Strengthen boundaries, choice & psychic protection
  • Cultivate calmness & peace
  • Cleanse & detox
  • Deepen confidence and self esteem
  • Assist with emotional release
  • Resolve patterns of dis-ease
  • Enhance fertility & hormone balancing
  • Boost Goal setting & achievement
  • Deepen Intimacy
  • Clear lethargy & support renewal
  • Letting go during death and dying
  • Healing of loss and grief
  • Sharpen mental clarity & focus
  • Nurture inner passion & purpose
  • Support during pregnancy & birth
  • Protection – radiation, UV and electromagnetic
  • Assist – with travel and jetlag
  • Resolve – anger and inner conflict
  • Enhance relationship & communication
  • Sexuality & libido issues
  • Help with shock & trauma
  • Courage during transition & change

Speak to Zoe about a personal consultation and allow these essences to sustain and enrich you (as nature so lovingly does).

Regain your equanimity today …