Discover your truth, your inherent spirituality, your deepest knowing of yourself and life.Stone steps

Through the programs offered by Equinimity you are guided to:

  • discover new ways of being
  • release unwanted baggage
  • build emotional mastery
  • restore passion and purpose
  • liberate creativity and aliveness
  • live with wellbeing and balance
  • deepen mind and body integration
  • unleash latent potential
  • nurture insight and self love

You will experience your own personal connection to creation, the spirit that moves in all things. The ability to think, be and do what you were born to do – with integrity.

Dynamic Coaching

Dynamic Coaching is not just about purpose, its about insight, truth and freedom. The freedom to be who you are and to live with passionate aliveness and wellbeing. Dynamic Coaching is about getting in touch with YOUR vision. Using your innermost feelings and exploring your highest potential to experience a deep satisfaction in life, one that follows the path of your dreams.

With awareness, insight and expanded consciousness you will learn to bring to life the potential you have been given to experience. Learning to embody body-centred wisdom and universal intelligence, you will be surprised at what is possible.

Dynamic coaching is not just about setting goals and achieving them. It is about discovering a greater depth to life, one filled with support, resources, companionship and powerful transformation.

And you don’t have to do it alone.

You will experience strength in having a guide by your side. The presence of another person, skilled and focused, creates an alchemic process of action: action that creates freedom from procrastination, burden and limiting belief.

Dynamic Coaching will guide you back to yourself, to the boundless joy of being and to uncharted success; to clear obstacles, implement changes and live the life you are born to lead.

Dynamic Coaching is for people who know there is more to life and want the necessary support, encouragement and understanding to create change and balance.

We support, align and empower you

Our Program:

  • The Power of Breath & Emotion
  • Emotional Intelligence & Transformation
  • Sabotages & Release
  • Yin-Yang Balancing
  • Utilizing Purpose & Service
  • The Laws of Connectivity
  • Transitional Tools for Change
  • Effective Communication
  • Radiant Wellness – 5 Element Health
  • Prosperity Patterning
  • Dynamics of Intimacy
  • Primal Myths & Eternal Laws
  • Mindfulness in Action
  • Mastery, Self & Beyond
  • Accessing Universal Intelligence
  • Intention & Action

You will find Leading Edge Tools to exponentially influence the Results you get in life.

You can expect to:

  • Develop clarity & insight
  • Clear blocks & obstacles
  • Balance goals & priorities
  • Deepen intuition & body wisdom
  • Uncover hidden resources
  • Regain enthusiasm & zest
  • Experience joy, freedom & wellbeing in action
How does coaching work?

TransformationCoaching can be done over the phone or in person. Coaching over the telephone is efficient and convenient. A meeting can be achieved from different locations around the world. It’s technology at its best! You’ll e-mail a brief summary of what’s new since our last discussion and what you want to work on for our next discussion. It’s that easy.

Coaching is a 3 month commitment. For maximum benefit, I strongly recommend you consider committing to 6 or more months as the benefits of coaching build up over time. This will ensure you gain maximum momentum and results. You may cancel at any time and payment is due in advance for each month.

Your coach is your partner in growth and success and is there to help you overcome difficulties and distractions. You will create new supportive habits and thought patterns. You will be inspired to move forward while you increase your learning and awareness.

What exactly is Coaching?

Coaching is about breaking down the barriers that prevent change and creating the ideal environment for positive action to take place. It is a totally holistic approach that looks at the present and sets goals for a totally successful future.

You are no longer alone. You have an ally who will work with you to establish meaningful goals, sustain momentum, overcome setbacks and to steer you towards success.

Is Coaching the same as Therapy?

Dynamic Coaching is unlike therapy because it does not focus on diagnosing nor examining the past. Instead coaching focuses on effecting change in your current and future behavior.

Coaching is about “discovery, awareness and choice”. It’s about new results and a better quality of life. Coaching is an orientation towards the future that helps you articulate your dreams, desires and aspirations, clarify your mission, purpose and goals, and achieve results in any area of your life (personal, professional, relationship, health etc…). Coaching is about change and the personal insight involved to do so.

Why Use a Coach?

Without coaching - without a STRUCTURE – the natural tendency is to keep our patterns and to ignore the signals and impulses that tell us to evolve.

When we ignore these impulses, we’ll feel restless at a very deep level – knowing something is wrong, but unsure of what.

At it’s simplest, coaching may be described as a structure to harness one’s natural impulses for change. Coaching accesses the energy of consistency, momentum, insight and accountability to give you results.

Within a coaching structure, your natural tendency is to pursue your goals and achieve them.

Are you curious to know what your life could be like in five years time if you harnessed your impulses for change, carried them through, and had fun while doing it?


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