Breath Empowerment

Breath Empowerment involves a whole body technique that regulates the effect “emotions” have on our inner health and happiness.

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Breathing well effectively ‘directs’ and ‘focuses’ energy towards one’s emotional or internal reality, with empowering and transformative effects.

Full, deep, natural breathing leads one ‘out of the head’ and ‘into the body’ where we are naturally in touch with our feelings and thus have a direct and easy link to our sub-conscious. From here we can re-pattern our thinking and deep seated habits with ease, allowing us an intimate connection to our intrinsic and ever present source of peace, joy and aliveness.

Learning to breath well is a skill that can be practised by any person at any time. The benefits are enormous.


The breath is a cleansing and transformative tool that provides physical and emotional relief from blocks and pain, combined with deep relaxation and internal alignment.
In a Breath Empowerment session one can explore one’s Relationship with Life – one’s money, body and relationships and re-current issues can easily and gently be resolved. 

What happens in a session?

In a session one learns to breathe through any blocks and open the flow of life force in the body. The process of guided breathing releases grief, anxiety, stress and pain, as well as strengthening the immune and circulatory systems.


Benefits of Breathwork

When we align ourselves with the ‘being’ we want to be and breath through the emotions that inhibit or restrict us, there is a tremendous joy and energy that moves through us freeing us to live with clarity, direction and purpose.

Learning to breathe in a free and open way is a great way to increase confidence, wellness and our capacity for intimacy. Whilst breathing it is common to experience an opening of the heart and mind, love for the self and an increase in wellbeing and awareness.

Breathing provides a great medium to powerfully and gently explore our blockages, emotions and the way we view our world. From this space we have the wisdom and the clarity to choose how we would like our lives to be, and we have the self-love to live from a place of integrity. We gain the opportunity to l

ive with insight, power, wisdom and clarity – with the tools to influence change in our lives.

What are the benefits of conscious breathing on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies?


  • Deep “diaphragm breathing” brings oxygen to the cells.
  • 70 % of the toxins in the body are eliminated through the lungs.
  • Natural breathing improves lymphatic circulation.
  • Deep breathing protects the arteries, improving blood pressure.
  • Relaxed breathing helps with depression, insomnia and fatigue, and helps alleviate asthma and other respiratory illnesses.
  • Breathing well assists in childbirth.
  • Proper breathing enhances athletic performance.


  • Conscious breathing helps us get in touch with our feelings in the body.
  • Relaxed breathing is calming.
  • Natural breathing brings aliveness.
  • Full breathing opens us up emotionally and allows us to connect with each other more deeply.
  • Deep breathing opens our hearts and lets love in.


  • Deep conscious breathing quietens the mind.
  • Deep full breathing brings us into the present moment.
  • Natural breathing connects the head with the heart.
  • Deep relaxed breathing creates mental ease.


In many ancient traditions breath has played an important role in reaching higher states of consciousness and enlightenment. It is a fabulous tool accessible to everyone who desires to turn to themselves and their greater knowing for insight and meaning.

Can anyone do Breathwork?

Yes. No matter how sick or frail you may be, everyone can do breathwork. All that is required is a commitment and openness to learning.


Are you ready to witness the alchemy available as you program your attitudes and beliefs for success and happiness?

Are you awaiting the wonder of yourself, seeking to melt blockages and stagnation to leave you deeply connected to the core of you?

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